The Most Effective Way to Remove Graffiti from Painted Walls

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Many call it art, but for those businesses who repeatedly find their walls daubed in graffiti it is anything but artistic. This causes a major dilemma for city centre businesses. Do they leave it in place knowing it is an eyesore or clean it off knowing full well it will soon be replaced by someone else with a penchant for wielding a spray can? If you have the latter way of thinking you will probably be wondering what is the best way of removing graffiti from your painted walls.

You could of course tackle it yourself with a scrubbing brush but this is both time consuming and very hard work. Scrubbing away with detergents will eventually remove the graffiti, but will more than likely also remove the paint. There will invariably be residue left behind as well so instead of a piece of graffiti there will be a large red smear in its place.

If you would prefer to hire a specialist cleaning services company rather than tackle the graffiti removal yourself, there are fortunately many such cleaning companies within Dublin and surrounding towns. Many of these cleaning contractors have specialist equipment to help remove graffiti without damaging the underlying surface or paintwork.
Top end cleaning contractors will more than likely use high pressure cleaning equipment that consist of a combination of non hazardous graffiti remover and warm water. This high pressure blasting will remove graffiti quickly and very efficiently from surfaces that are both porous and non-porous.

When engaging a contract cleaning company to remove your graffiti ask them if they also offer a protection surface. This where protective coating is applied using either a spray or a brush to protect your walls against further attacks. This coating is non hazardous and, as it allow the substrate to breathe, your paint shouldn’t flake off, which can be as unsightly as graffiti in its own way.

Finding cleaning services in the city which offer graffiti removal isn’t difficult. In fact, if you were to search for the term “graffiti cleaning Dublin” you will be surprised at how many results you get. You probably already have a contract cleaning company engaged to keep your business premises neat and tidy so it may well be worth your while asking them first if graffiti removal is something they offer.

Graffiti has long been the blight of city centre businesses but thanks to these cleaning services it is definitely something that cxan bnow be tackled, without having to pay considerable fees. Not so long ago even contract cleaners could be seen using the old scrubbing brush method but new technology & cleaning methods have taken over and the high pressure equipment, combined with the protective coating, means that Dublin businesses are no longer dreading what sight will greet them every morning.

Contract Cleaning Articles

Why You Need to Fully Trust Your Contract Cleaning Company

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Contract cleaning companies have never been in such demand. Commercial businesses in particular rely on these companies to keep the workplace clean and welcoming for both staff and visiting clients. If you do an online search for a contract cleaning company in Dublin, you’ll notice there are a huge number of companies offering this service in Dublin and throughout the major Irish towns. As daunting as it may seem, you really need to do your homework before engaging reliable cleaning services.

The main worry for anyone looking to engage the service of cleaning contractors is how trustworthy they are. This is particularly important if they will be visiting your premises out of hours and you not only have the company’s assets to consider but anything your staff have in drawers etc. It is vital that you completely trust your contact cleaning companies and the following are just a few reasons why.

The obvious one is that you will do all you can to prevent theft. Even if this is a small amount from the coffee fund, theft is theft. Things disappearing in the work place creates bad feeling amongst staff and will have them worrying more about whether their possessions are as safe as the job they are being paid to do. As contract cleaning is essential in the work place the last thing you want is for your staff to be unhappy or uneasy.

You need to be able to go about your business safe in the knowledge that your cleaning company is doing the same. You must trust them to not only develop light fingers but also that they are doing their job. Many of the contract cleaner companies in Dublin charge fairly high rates, so if you notice they are cutting corners and are starting to take liberties then you need to take action and find a quality company. A workplace that has not been cleaned properly can have a detrimental effect on your company’s reputation.

If you are engaging cleaning contractors who will be accessing your premises out of hours you also need to be sure that they are not using your equipment instead of doing the job they are being paid to do. Even if they are in the building when you are, you need to be sure they are not sitting playing with their phones when they should be cleaning. All of these trust issues need to be addressed if you are to feel confident about the cleaning contractors you have hired.

Your first step is to see if you can find out which cleaners companies around you are using. This is a fairly simple process and you can see if they match your standards by visiting the business. Next you should check the credentials of the company and see if they do background checks and which clients they already have. A company that has a high level of staff joining and leaving should also be viewed with caution. Cleaning contract jobs aren’t that easy to come by so are they hiring staff who have attracted complaints?

Office Cleaning Articles

Tell-tale Signs Your Office Cleaning Company is Cutting Corners

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Cleanliness in the workplace has never been so important. Your staff want to work in a clean environment. Your clients want to enter premises which are gleaming and smell clean and fresh. Unfortunately, many companies in Dublin are discovering to their chagrin that the office cleaning contractors they have engaged are falling short of the mark.

Here are several tell tall signs that your office cleaning company is cutting corners:

If you have used the same office cleaners for a long time, complacency may have set in without you even realising it. Take a step back and take a critical look around your workplace first thing in the morning after your cleaners have been in, but before your staff arrive. Check the bins have been emptied, that the floors are clean and there are no cobwebs lurking in corners.

If there are smears on glass, or visible dust on a surface, then your cleaning contractor is no longer doing its job properly. You are paying these people good money to keep your premises in pristine condition and they may well have fallen into the same complacency you have. You should have a contract which stipulates what the cleaners will do whilst on your premises, so get hold of that and inspect the various areas.

The reception area of a company can make or break a business deal as it creates that all important first impression that you don’t get a second chance at. Go outside and enter the premises as a visiting client. Inspect the doors first. The glass should be gleaming as should the door furniture. Once inside the floor should be pristine and any furniture should be bereft of any dust or misshapen cushions.

Light fittings are one of the most common areas where the cleaning services company on will cut corners. These fitting collect dust and cobwebs quickly and there is no excuse for this as extended dusters are provided specifically for this purpose. Fluorescent lights in particular are real dust magnets and will reduce the amount of light they emit. If you have to get up on a step ladder and inspect the coverings, if they are thick of dust then they aren’t being cleaned.

Bathrooms and communal areas should also be spotless so look for tell tale signs in these areas. These include bins that haven’t been emptied, dull taps, empty toilet roll holders and dirty floors. If chairs in the canteen were all over the place when you left they should now be all back in place. There should be no dishes in the sink of the break room, all cutlery should have been washed and put away and benches cleaned.

If you have gone through this check list and found your cleaning company lacking then you have two choices. You can tackle them, point out the areas they are cutting corners and give them a second chance, or you can set about looking for a more reliable office cleaning services company.

Window Cleaning Articles

Top 5 Tips to Help you Choose the Best Window Cleaning Company

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With modern buildings having more expanses of glass than their predecessors, securing the services of the best window cleaning company in Dublin is essential. From the outside, your windows should positively gleam, and from the inside natural light should flow in without highlighting hand prints or smears. There are some excellent cleaning services companies in Dublin serving the business community, and here are 5 tips to ensure you choose the best window cleaning company.

Ensure They Offer Standards As High As Your Own

Window cleaning services are plentiful, but that does not mean they are all of the same standard. When you start your search, try and visit the premises of those you have shortlisted. A top notch contract cleaning company will have outstanding premises to reflect the quality of work they deliver. Have a look at both the inside and outside of the premises. If their glass is spotless then that is a tick in the box as they are taking pride in the services they offer.

Visit Their Clients’ Premises

Find out if they have clients in your area and then visit their premises. Cast the same critical eye over their windows and doors. The company should have been happy to tell you when they visit other clients so you can time your visit. If you can try and pop along when they are working to assess their professionalism. If you cannot get an exact time visit later in the day or first thing the next morning. This will not have given the windows time to get messed up enough to prevent you from making an accurate appraisal.

Make Sure You Compare Quotes Like for Like

Find out what the window contract cleaning company are including in their quote. You will want windows cleaned both indoors and outdoors as well as doors. Some companies will offer more than others for the same price but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a better quality of workmanship. On the other hand if their offer seems too good to be true it could well be. Common sense needs to prevail when it comes to what window cleaning services they will offer you for the price you are paying.

Checking Out References

Ask the company you are considering hiring for references, and chase them up. Far too many people see references from high end companies but don’t get in contact. If they are no longer working for these companies then why not? Did they leave or did the company ask them to leave? A very, short vague reference should be viewed with caution and definitely be followed up. Never hire anyone on a gut instinct.

Try Before Your Buy

Finally, if possible, try and hire the window cleaning firm on a short “probabtionary” basis and don’t sign up to a long term contract without making sure you are completely happy with the service. Many of the most reputable window cleaners in Dublin will happily do this. If they refuse then find somebody else who will agree. Competition is fierce and if a company isn’t willing to be engaged on a short term basis to begin with there are plenty who are.


10 Reasons to Choose Our Contract Cleaning Services

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1. Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Customer service is a priority. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing business with reliable professionals.

2. Well Thought Out Cleaning Plan

We will work with you from the outset to create a tailored cleaning plan to ensure that your specific needs are being met. This plan will form the basis of ongoing performance reviews which helps to keep standards and satisfaction levels high.

3. Regular Two-Way Communication to Make Sure You’re Happy

Building good communication is paramount in ensuring your facility is being cleaned to your satisfaction and to allow you to voice any concerns in an open and collaborative manner.

4. The Most Up to Date Cleaning Technology

We’re continuously learning and attending seminars and industry trade shows ensuring we keep abreast of all the latest technology and equipment.

5. Unrivalled Cleaning Experience

We have over 15 years of outstanding service and testimonials to prove it.

6. Professionally Trained, Reliable Cleaning Staff

All of our cleaning staff undergo rigorous training to ensure they meet our stricts standards. We also conduct in depth background checks.

7. Cost Effective Cleaning Without Damaging the Environment

We offer environmentally safe, cost effective cleaning solutions that produce a clean safe indoor environment for our clients and staff.

8. Able to Cater for all Your Cleaning Needs

Our size allows us to provide a “one stop shop” cleaning package offering ancillary services such as janitorial & hygiene products, floor care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, maid service, duct cleaning and water damage restoration.

9. Specialist Cleaning Solutions

We’re experts in servicing businesses and organsiations that require specialist cleaning solutions such as schools, banks, medical buildings, industrial factories and banks.

10. Active Trade Association Members

We are active members in our trade association, the Irish Contract Cleaning Association (ICCA). In fact our Director, Neil O’Leary sits on the Executive Finance Committee of the ICCA.


Clean Start for Business in 2014

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This new year holds a lot of promise for Dublin businesses, and while no one can accurately predict what 2014 will bring there is an awful lot of talk about business recovery and a reinvigorated economy.

With movement beginning again in the building sector, and retail starting to show signs of improved health, it’s time to embrace the opportunities of a brighter looking business year.

With affordable and top quality cleaning services from Office Clean Ireland you can put a fresh shine of your office’s appearance and create an oasis of cleanliness in the heart of Dublin, for employees, clients, and all your visitors.

Office productivity and morale has been shown to be positively affected by a clean and tidy work environment. Files are easily found, workplace hazards (such as those document boxes stacked beside the water cooler) are removed, as are harmful bacteria, allergens, and dirt.

A clean start is a fresh start, and our regular office cleaners will wipe all surfaces, vacuum carpeting, clean kitchens and washrooms, empty bins, and get rid of the everyday dirt and grime so that airborne particles and unpleasant odours don’t harm the air quality in your premises. Your staff will have fewer distractions, and your clients will see that you like to keep your business ship shape!

Our dedicated office cleaning team operates day and night, so we can arrange regular cleaning times at your convenience, allowing the work to be carried out during the least busy hours on your premises and allowing you the satisfaction of entering a clean and orderly office following our cleaning visits.

You can expect a quality, seamless service from Office Clean Ireland, and our rolling 30 day contracts remain flexible and don’t tie you into any agreement you don’t require. We proudly operate with a 95% client retention rate year after year, so many, many of our customers have tried out a new start with Dublin Office Cleaning and have happily kept us on ever since!

Untidy kitchen areas and unhygienic washrooms and toilets are a blight on any business and a source of upset and irritation for employees. Our trained, thorough office cleaners will consign any office hygiene problems to the past. With our Janitorial Supply and Washroom Services you needn’t ever run low on toilet paper or liquid soap and we can provide, service, and replace necessities such as feminine hygiene units and c-fold paper towel dispensers.

With a promising outlook for Dublin business in 2014, make sure that your business has the right professional look for all to see. Cost effective office cleaning, with pricing and services to match every setting and every budget, our exceptional quality is never compromised.


Cleaning Services Dublin

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Office Clean Ireland provides commercial contract cleaning services to businesses across every area of Dublin. We now have a team of over 100 commercial cleaners who specialise in dealing with cleaning contracts for businesses across Dublin and the Co Dublin area.

Our Dublin contract cleaning service will consistently leave your premises brilliantly clean. Whatever your needs, whether you need an office cleaned or a retail space Office Clean Ireland can provide a service that suites you.

Dublin Commercial Cleaning Services

Our fully trained team of commercial cleaners provide our services to a wide range of commercial premises including:

  • Offices
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Public Areas
  • Building Sites
  • Retail Premises
  • Hotels
  • Industrial

and many more.

Commercial Cleaners Dublin Prices

Business owners and managers are always under pressure to obtain the best return on their investment which is why we are delighted to provide a professional service at local prices in the Dublin area.

To find out how much your commercial premises would cost simply get a QUICK QUOTE.

Dublin Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Our commercial cleaning contracts are flexible which is why we always have a meeting with potential customers to discuss their needs which vary considerably from client to client with different types of businesses and of course different sizes of businesses.

Whether you have one or two employees or hundreds of staff, our commercial cleaning contracts will provide you with the service you require with the built in flexibility to change as your requirements change.

Latest News

Irish Contract Cleaning Association

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As members of the Irish Contract Cleaning Association (ICCA) we’re delighted to announce our Director, Neil O’Leary, has recently been appointed to the Executive Finance Committee.

Neil has been heavily involved in Dublin Cleaning Services for over 15 years and will bring a wealth of experience to the ICCA.