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Tell-tale Signs Your Office Cleaning Company is Cutting Corners

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Cleanliness in the workplace has never been so important. Your staff want to work in a clean environment. Your clients want to enter premises which are gleaming and smell clean and fresh. Unfortunately, many companies in Dublin are discovering to their chagrin that the office cleaning contractors they have engaged are falling short of the mark.

Here are several tell tall signs that your office cleaning company is cutting corners:

If you have used the same office cleaners for a long time, complacency may have set in without you even realising it. Take a step back and take a critical look around your workplace first thing in the morning after your cleaners have been in, but before your staff arrive. Check the bins have been emptied, that the floors are clean and there are no cobwebs lurking in corners.

If there are smears on glass, or visible dust on a surface, then your cleaning contractor is no longer doing its job properly. You are paying these people good money to keep your premises in pristine condition and they may well have fallen into the same complacency you have. You should have a contract which stipulates what the cleaners will do whilst on your premises, so get hold of that and inspect the various areas.

The reception area of a company can make or break a business deal as it creates that all important first impression that you don’t get a second chance at. Go outside and enter the premises as a visiting client. Inspect the doors first. The glass should be gleaming as should the door furniture. Once inside the floor should be pristine and any furniture should be bereft of any dust or misshapen cushions.

Light fittings are one of the most common areas where the cleaning services company on will cut corners. These fitting collect dust and cobwebs quickly and there is no excuse for this as extended dusters are provided specifically for this purpose. Fluorescent lights in particular are real dust magnets and will reduce the amount of light they emit. If you have to get up on a step ladder and inspect the coverings, if they are thick of dust then they aren’t being cleaned.

Bathrooms and communal areas should also be spotless so look for tell tale signs in these areas. These include bins that haven’t been emptied, dull taps, empty toilet roll holders and dirty floors. If chairs in the canteen were all over the place when you left they should now be all back in place. There should be no dishes in the sink of the break room, all cutlery should have been washed and put away and benches cleaned.

If you have gone through this check list and found your cleaning company lacking then you have two choices. You can tackle them, point out the areas they are cutting corners and give them a second chance, or you can set about looking for a more reliable office cleaning services company.

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