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Top 5 Tips to Help you Choose the Best Window Cleaning Company

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With modern buildings having more expanses of glass than their predecessors, securing the services of the best window cleaning company in Dublin is essential. From the outside, your windows should positively gleam, and from the inside natural light should flow in without highlighting hand prints or smears. There are some excellent cleaning services companies in Dublin serving the business community, and here are 5 tips to ensure you choose the best window cleaning company.

Ensure They Offer Standards As High As Your Own

Window cleaning services are plentiful, but that does not mean they are all of the same standard. When you start your search, try and visit the premises of those you have shortlisted. A top notch contract cleaning company will have outstanding premises to reflect the quality of work they deliver. Have a look at both the inside and outside of the premises. If their glass is spotless then that is a tick in the box as they are taking pride in the services they offer.

Visit Their Clients’ Premises

Find out if they have clients in your area and then visit their premises. Cast the same critical eye over their windows and doors. The company should have been happy to tell you when they visit other clients so you can time your visit. If you can try and pop along when they are working to assess their professionalism. If you cannot get an exact time visit later in the day or first thing the next morning. This will not have given the windows time to get messed up enough to prevent you from making an accurate appraisal.

Make Sure You Compare Quotes Like for Like

Find out what the window contract cleaning company are including in their quote. You will want windows cleaned both indoors and outdoors as well as doors. Some companies will offer more than others for the same price but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a better quality of workmanship. On the other hand if their offer seems too good to be true it could well be. Common sense needs to prevail when it comes to what window cleaning services they will offer you for the price you are paying.

Checking Out References

Ask the company you are considering hiring for references, and chase them up. Far too many people see references from high end companies but don’t get in contact. If they are no longer working for these companies then why not? Did they leave or did the company ask them to leave? A very, short vague reference should be viewed with caution and definitely be followed up. Never hire anyone on a gut instinct.

Try Before Your Buy

Finally, if possible, try and hire the window cleaning firm on a short “probabtionary” basis and don’t sign up to a long term contract without making sure you are completely happy with the service. Many of the most reputable window cleaners in Dublin will happily do this. If they refuse then find somebody else who will agree. Competition is fierce and if a company isn’t willing to be engaged on a short term basis to begin with there are plenty who are.